Chuffed.jl is a wrapper for the Chuffed constraint-programming solver. Chuffed is free software and Chuffed.jl is a free wrapper for Chuffed (both are released under an MIT license). Chuffed.jl is a community project that is unrelated to Chuffed; in particular, it is not maintained by the same group of persons.

Chuffed.jl does not expose a low-level API for Chuffed, as wrapping occurs at the FlatZinc level.


Installation is easy, as Chuffed is available as a JLL precompiled for most platforms.

]add Chuffed

Use with JuMP

Chuffed.jl only works through MathOptInterface, for which JuMP is a modelling layer. Using JuMP.jl is highly recommended.

This can be done using a Chuffed.Optimizer object. Here is how to create a JuMP model that uses Chuffed as solver.

using JuMP, Chuffed

model = Model(Chuffed.Optimizer)