a codebase for creating and running land models in integrated (multi- component) or standalone (single component) modes.

Recommended Julia Version: Stable release v1.10.0. CI no longer tests earlier versions of Julia.

Certain features, including global runs, are not currently available on Windows due to limitations with our regridding software.

Note that ClimaLand.jl is a different model from the original CliMA Land, which aims to utilize remote sensing data through more complex canopy RT and plant physiology modules. For more details, please refer to

  • Wang, Yujie, et al. "Testing stomatal models at the stand level in deciduous angiosperm and evergreen gymnosperm forests using CliMA Land (v0. 1)." Geoscientific Model Development 14.11 (2021): 6741-6763.
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Component Models: RichardsModel <: AbstractSoilModel <: AbstractImExModel <: AbstractModel [runnable w/o LandModel wrapper as well]

EnergyHydrologyModel <: AbstractSoilModel <: AbstractImExModel <: AbstractModel [runnable w/o LandModel wrapper as well]

CanopyModel <: AbstractVegetationModel <: AbstractExpModel <: AbstractModel [runnable w/o LandModel wrapper as well]

Combined Models:

SoilCanopyModel <: AbstractLandModel <: AbstractModel (constructs the individual ComponentModels based on arguments)

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