This package contains all of the parameters used across the CliMA organization. Some parameters are simply global constants (e.g., speed of light), while others are parameters that may be tuned in a machine-learning layer that sits on-top of the climate model.

What parameters are good candidates for ClimaParams?

ClimaParams serve several functionalities and require certain attributes. A parameter is a good candidate for ClimaParams if it has all of the following attributes:

  • The parameter does not vary in space
  • The parameter does not vary in time (per climate simulation)
  • The parameter is a function of only constants other ClimaParams and or constants

Getting Started

The basic flow is as follows:

  1. Create the parameter dictionary with your desired floating point type
  2. Retrieve parameters
import ClimaParams as CP
param_dict = CP.create_toml_dict(Float64)
params = CP.get_parameter_values(param_dict, ["gravitational_acceleration", "planet_radius"])

See the The TOML parameter file interface and Basic Parameter Retrieval for detailed usage examples and integration into your code.