ClimaUtilities.jl provides a toolkit of functions that cover needs that are shared across repositories within the CliMA project.

ClimaUtilities.jl is designed to have the minimum possible number of direct dependencies. Instead, everything is implemented in Julia extensions and modules are conditionally loaded when key packages are imported.

ClimaUtilities.jl also aims to provide an abstraction to commonly required features (e.g., regridding), so that improvements can be made under the hood without affecting users.



ClimaArtifacts provides a MPI-safe way to lazily download artifacts and to tag artifacts that are being accessed in a given simulation.

SpaceVaryingInputs and TimeVaryingInputs

SpaceVaryingInputs and TimeVaryingInputs provide functions to seamlessly map input to a Field. The input could be a function, a 1D array, a NetCDF file, and it could be static or time varying. SpaceVaryingInputs and TimeVaryingInputs objects can be evaluate!d to set the value of Field (potentially using the Regridders). TimeVaryingInputs implement linear and nearest neighbor interpolations.


The FileReaders module provides a way to efficiently read data from files. Efficiently might mean chunked/threaded/cached/something else. Currently, this is mostly and interface barrier to provide a path for future improvements.


ClimaUtilities comes with two modules to map rectangular grids two (extruded) finite spectral elements, InterpolationsRegridder and TempestRegridder. These modules are primarily used to ingest data and resample it onto the computational grid.


InterpolationsRegridder uses Interpolations.jl to perform non-conservative linear interpolation onto lat-long(-z) grids. InterpolationsRegridder is fully compatible with MPI/GPUs.


TempestRegridder uses TempestRemap to perform conservative interpolation onto lat-long grids.

⚠️ Note: At the moment, TempestRegridder does not support MPI/GPUs and can only perform interpolation onto lat-long grids (not on z).


OutputPathGenerator handles the directory structure for the output of a simulation. If you are a package developer, use this module to set up the output path for your simulation.


The DataHandling module bundles a Regridder and a FileReader together to serve regridded fields at a given time upon request. The main interface for DataHandling is regridded_snapshot(data_handler, date), a function that returns a Field with data read from file for the given date. The DataHandler maintains an least-recently-used (LRU) cache of regridded fields to amortize the cost of (expensive) regridding operations.


The DataStructures module implements helpful data structures to be used by other ClimaUtilities.jl modules or external packages. Currently it contains an LRU cache that is used in DataHandlingExt and NCFileReaderExt.