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Pipeline for debiasing and improving error bar estimates for photometry on top of structured/filamentary background. The procedure first estimates the covariance matrix of the residuals from a previous photometric model and then computes corrections to the estimated flux and flux uncertainties.


CloudCovErr is a registered package so a stable version can be installed using Pkg.add.

import Pkg

For the most recent development version, install directly from the GitHub

import Pkg

Currently, we only support compatibility with linux and macOS in order to easily interface with dependencies of crowdsource. Due to older versions of Julia bundling outdated libstcd++, we only support Julia 1.6+ again to make interfacing with python-based photometric pipelines easier (see issue). However, workarounds exist for both problems. Please open an issue if there is some compatibility you would like supported.


Detailed documentation can be found here.

Contributing and Questions

This is a new piece of software. Filing an issue to report a bug or request a feature is extremely valuable in helping us prioritize what to work on, so don't hesitate.