Abstract String representing a File in Cloud storage

Instantiated CloudFile must implement: - open(f::CloudFile)::CloudIO open the cloud object as a readable CloudIO - string(f::CloudFile)::String string representation of the file - filesize(f::CloudFile)::Integer size in bytes of the file


Generic CloudIO object with offset tracking to read specific bytes.

Any instantiated struct of type CloudIO must have offset::Integer and ref::Integer as properties

Any instantiated struct of type CloudIO must implement: filesize(f::CloudIO) : Size of the underlying file in bytes read(f::CloudIO, nb::Integer) : Read nb bytes from f

Abstract String representing a "path" in Cloud storage

Instantiated CloudPath must imnplement: - string(p::CloudPath)::String string representation of the path - Base.*(p::CloudPath, f::String)::CloudFile combing the path and a filename into a CloudFile