Setup package for development

pkg> dev

Run tests

pkg> test CluGen

At the moment, due to PRNG differences between Julia versions, doctests will only run in Julia 1.6 LTS.

Build the documentation


Building the documentation requires at least Julia 1.6.

The following instructions assume we're on the CluGen folder (typically located in ~/.julia/dev/).

To build the documentation, enter the Julia REPL. Then activate the docs project and install its dependencies:

pkg> activate docs

pkg> instantiate

The documentation can now be generated from the Julia REPL:

julia> include("docs/make.jl")

Or from the system terminal:

$ julia --project=docs --color=yes ./docs/make.jl

The generated documentation can be served locally with, e.g., Python's built-in HTTP server:

$ python -m http.server 9000 -d ./docs/build

Point your browser to http://localhost:9000/ to read the generated documentation.

Useful packages for helping development

While developing CluGen, the Revise package is useful to avoid restarting the Julia session each time CluGen's code is edited. Install it with:

pkg> add Revise

Then load it before CluGen, e.g.:

julia> using Revise, CluGen

Code style

To contribute to CluGen, follow the Blue Style.