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Convenient overloading of setproperty! for lightweight reactive structs.

This package exports the macro


Annotating a (mutable) struct definition with @computed facilitates the definition of fields (dependent variables), which are automatically computed when an instance is created. If the struct is declared as mutable, the corresponding dependent fields are re-computed whenever an independent variable (field) is updated. Care is taken to ensure the correct order of computations.

The macro defines

  • The struct (e.g. TheType) with field types as annotated.
  • A constructor TheType(indep_vars...)
  • (mutable only) A method computeproperty!(::TheType, dep_var::Symbol) that recomputes the field dep_var. The computation propagates and triggers re-computations downstream in the computational graph by default. Set propagate=false if it should not.
  • (mutable only) A method setproperty!(::TheType, indep_var::Symbol, value) that sets field to value and triggers computation of dependent variables.


julia> @computed struct SinCos
    thesincos::Tuple{Float64,Float64} = sincos(x)

julia> sc = SinCos(pi/2)
SinCos(1.5707963267948966, (1.0, 6.123233995736766e-17))

## Mutable

julia> @computed mutable struct MSinCos
    thesincos::Tuple{Float64,Float64} = sincos(x)

julia> sc = MSinCos(0.0)
MSinCos(0.0, (0.0, 1.0))

julia> sc.x = pi/2

julia> sc.thesincos
(1.0, 6.123233995736766e-17)

# trying to set a computed field errors
julia> sc.thesincos = (0.0, 0.0)
ERROR: cannot set calculated field thesincos

Parametric types are supported:

julia> @computed mutable struct VectorAndNorm{N,T}
           norm::T = LinearAlgebra.norm(v)

julia> vec_and_norm = VectorAndNorm(@SVector [1.0,2.0,3.0])
VectorAndNorm{3, Float64}([1.0, 2.0, 3.0], 3.7416573867739413)

julia> vec_and_norm.norm

(Current) Limitations

  • It's the user's responsibility to make sure no circular dependencies amongst fields are introduced.

  • Computed fields must be explicitly type annotated, or they default to Any.

  • Re-computations are triggered by mutating fields. Thus, e.g.

    @computed mutable struct VectorMax
      max::Float64 = maximum(v)
    vm = VectorMax([1.0,2.0,3.0])
    # vm.max == 3.0
    vm.v[1] = 10.0
    # vm.max is _not_ 10.0 now
    # call computeproperty!(vm, :max) explicitly instead.

    does not work.

  • Updating multiple independent fields simultaneously is not (yet) supported.

  • Because an inner constructor is automatically defined, you cannot provide your own.


  • Support immutable struct: setting an independent field returns a new instance.
  • Multi-update
  • Propagating re-computation of dependent fields.