All the constraints that are currently defined in hakank's constraints_utils.jl:

  • increasing: Increasing
  • decreasing: Decreasing
  • increasing_strict: Strictly(Increasing)
  • decreasing_strict: Strictly(Decreasing)
  • all_different_except_c: AllDifferentExceptConstants
  • count_ctr: Count (except for operators)
  • count_ctr2: CountDistinct (except for operators)
  • global_cardinality_count: Count
  • either_eq: Disjunction
  • is_member_of: Domain and Membership
  • cumulative: CumulativeResource and CumulativeResourceWithDeadline
  • circuit: Circuit and WeightedCircuit
  • circuit_path: CircuitPath and WeightedCircuitPath
  • inverse: Inverse
  • assignment: Inverse
  • assignment_ctr: not yet
  • matrix_element: Element, but to generalise to more than one dimension
  • regular: not yet (no representation of finite automata in Julia)
  • atmost: Count with LessThan
  • atleast: Count with GreaterThan
  • exactly: Count
  • latin_square: AllDifferent
  • no_overlap: not yet (no representation of intervals)
  • global_contiguity_regular: Contiguity
  • lex_less_eq: LexicographicallyLessThan
  • among: Count

Functions: TODO