A repository of generate Julia models from Apple's CoreML protobuf message format

CoreML Specification

Obtaining the Protobuf Formats

Simply run the script, below at the root of this project repo:


Generating the Julia source files

First install ProtoBuf.jl

julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add("ProtoBuf")'


julia > ]
(@v1.6) pkg> add ProtoBuf

Then run the protoc command:

protoc \
	--plugin=$HOME/.julia/packages/TYEdo/ProtoBuf/plugin/protoc-gen-julia \
	-I=src/Protobuf3 --julia_out=src/ src/Protobuf3/*.proto

Using the generated files

Some examples of how to use the generated files in another julia package:

using CoreMLProtobuf

# To use the GLMRegressor or a Scaler