#+TITLE: CoulombIntegrals.jl #+AUTHOR: Stefanos Carlström #+EMAIL: stefanos.carlstrom@gmail.com

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  • Introduction Small library to calculate the different integrals that arise from Coulomb repulsion. Among these are e.g. the Slater integrals. There are different methods of varying speed and accuracy, and the intention is to implement at least a few to be able to compare.

    The library is intended to be independent of basis chosen, and is based off [[https://github.com/JuliaApproximation/ContinuumArrays.jl][ContinuumArrays.jl]]. However, at the moment only [[https://github.com/JuliaApproximation/CompactBases.jl][CompactBases.jl]] are supported. Moreover, it is only possible to work with 1d bases, i.e. tensorial bases are not yet supported.

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