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This is a core package for the JuliaFinance ecosytem.

It provides bare singleton types based on the standard ISO 4217 3-character alpha codes to be used primarily for dispatch in other JuliaFinance packages together with five methods:

  • symbol: The 3-character symbol of the currency.
  • currency: The singleton type instance for a particular currency symbol
  • name: The full name of the currency.
  • code: The ISO 4217 code for the currency.
  • unit: The minor unit, i.e. number of decimal places, for the currency.

Within JuliaFinance, currencies are defined in two separate packages:

A brief explanation and motivation for each is presented below.


As mentioned, this package defines standard currencies as primordial singleton types that can be thought of as labels.

For example:

julia> using Currencies

julia> typeof(currency(:USD))

julia> for ccy in currency.([:USD, :EUR, :JPY, :IQD])
            println("Currency: $(Currencies.symbol(ccy))")
            println("Name: $(")
            println("Code: $(Currencies.code(ccy))")
            println("Minor Unit: $(Currencies.unit(ccy))\n")

Currency: USD
Name: US Dollar
Code: 840
Minor Unit: 2

Currency: EUR
Name: Euro
Code: 978
Minor Unit: 2

Currency: JPY
Name: Yen
Code: 392
Minor Unit: 0

Currency: IQD
Name: Iraqi Dinar
Code: 368
Minor Unit: 3

If all you need is a list of currencies with names, ISO 4217 codes and minor units, e.g. for building a dropdown menu in a user interface, then this lightweight package is what you want.


When a currency is thought of as an asset (as opposed to a mere label), we choose to refer to it as "Cash" as it would appear in a balance sheet. Assets.jl provides a Cash asset together with Position that allows for basic algebraic manipulations of Cash and other financial instrument positions, e.g.

julia> import Assets: USD, JPY

julia> 10USD

julia> 10JPY

julia> 10USD+20USD

julia> 10USD+10JPY
ERROR: Can't add Positions of different Instruments USD, JPY

If you need currency as an asset with corresponding asset positions, you want Assets.jl.

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