cpsdata(year::Int, month::Int[, vars::Vector{String}])

Download/parse CPS microdata files for a given year & month, optionally retaining only the variables specified. There are hundreds of variables so specifying only those that you need will significantly increase efficiency when working with the data. Returns a table which can be easily converted into any data type supported by the Tables.jl interface.


  • year::Int: the year for which you want to obtain CPS data.
  • year::Int: the month for which you want to obtain CPS data.
  • vars::Vector{String}: an optional argument specifying the variables in the microdata file that you

would like to keep.


data1901 = cpsdata(2019, 1, ["HRINTSTA", "PWORWGT"])

If you want to work with the data as a DataFrame:

using DataFrames

data1901 = DataFrame(cpsdata(2019, 1, ["HRINTSTA", "PWORWGT"]))