Periodic orbits computation

Consider the DDE problem written

\[\frac{du}{dt}=F(u(t), u_t;p).\tag{E}\]

A periodic solution $u^*$ with period $T$ satisfies $u^*(t+T)=u^*(t)$ for all time $t$.

We provide 1 method for computing periodic orbits (PO):

  1. one (Collocation) based on orthogonal collocation to discretize the above problem (E),

Important notes

We regroup here some important notes which are valid for all methods above.

1. Finaliser

If you pass a finalize function to continuation, the following occurs:

  1. If the newton solve was successfull, we update the phase condition every update_section_every_step
  2. we call the user defined finalizer finalize.