DRSOM: A Dimension-Reduced Second-Order Method for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization

DRSOM.jl is a Julia implementation of the Dimension-Reduced Second-Order Method for unconstrained smooth optimization. The DRSOM works with the following iteration:

$$ x_{k+1} = x_k- \alpha_k^1 g_k +\alpha_k^2 d_k, \ \alpha_k = \arg \min m_k^\alpha(\alpha), $$

where $m_k^\alpha(\alpha)$ is a 2-dimensional quadratic approximation to $f(x)$ using gradient $g_k$ and Hessian information $H_k$.

  • The differentiation is done by ForwardDiff and ReverseDiff using finite-difference.
  • Notably, DRSOM does not have to compute Hessian $H_k$; instead, it only requires Hessian-vector products or uses interpolation to contruct the quadratic model.
  • Of course, you may provide $g_k, H_k$ directly.

DRSOM.jl now includes a bunch of algorithms, including the variants of original DRSOM and the HSODM: Homogeneous Second-order Descent Method.

Known issues

DRSOM.jl is still under active development. Please add issues on GitHub.


DRSOM.jl is licensed under the MIT License. Check LICENSE for more details


  • Special thanks go to the COPT team and Tianyi Lin (Darren) for helpful suggestions.



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