The DSGE plotting code uses Plots. We typically use GR and Plotly as backends; however, the goal of Plots is that all backends should be supported interchangeably. In each of the functions listed below, there are methods which take in an AbstractModel and those which take in some lower-level input arguments (typically one or more MeansBands). See the individual function docstring for details.

Plotting Estimation Results

  • plot_prior_posterior: plot the prior distribution overlaid on a histogram of posterior draws

Plotting Forecasts

  • plot_history_and_forecast: plot a historical and forecasted series, possibly with uncertainty bands (if for a full-distribution forecast)
  • plot_forecast_comparison: plot two sets of histories and forecasts in one plot
  • hair_plot: plot many forecasts as "hairs" coming out of some realized data series
  • plot_shock_decomposition: plot the contributions of individual shocks as a bar plot, with a line for the detrended mean forecast
  • plot_impulse_response: plot impulse response functions

Other Plots

  • plot_altpolicies: plot forecasts under several alternative policies in one plot
  • plot_scenario: plot a forecast conditional on some alternative scenario, in deviations from some baseline