This project started as rewrite of Dagitty R package on Julia language. The main motivation was porting of "Statistical Rethinking" book examples to Julia, which could be found on this website: shmuma.github.io/rethinking-2ed-julia. So, methods from Dagitty R package are being ported on "as needed" basis.

At the moment, package provides the following functionality:

Basic examples

julia> g = DAG(:A => :D, :A => :M)
DAG: {3, 2} directed simple Int64 graph with labels [:A, :D, :M])

# Draw DAG
julia> drawdag(g)

DAG visualisation

julia> implied_conditional_independencies(g)
1-element Vector{ConditionalIndependence}:
 ConditionalIndependence(:D, :M, [:A])