Darknet_CUDA_jll.jl (v2020.6.5+0)

This is an autogenerated package constructed using BinaryBuilder.jl. The originating build_tarballs.jl script can be found on Yggdrasil, the community build tree.

For more details about JLL packages and how to use them, see BinaryBuilder.jldocumentation.


The tarballs for Darknet_CUDA_jll.jl have been built from these sources:


Darknet_CUDA_jll.jl is available for the following platforms:

  • Linux(:x86_64, libc=:glibc, compiler_abi=CompilerABI(cxxstring_abi=:cxx11)) (x86_64-linux-gnu-cxx11)


The following JLL packages are required by Darknet_CUDA_jll.jl:


The code bindings within this package are autogenerated from the following Products:

  • LibraryProduct: libdarknet