Dash Bio

CircleCI PyPI version

Dash Bio is a suite of bioinformatics components built to work with Dash.

Announcement: https://medium.com/@plotlygraphs/announcing-dash-bio-ed8835d5da0c

Demo: https://dash-gallery.plotly.host/Portal/?search=Bioinformatics

Documentation: https://dash.plotly.com/dash-bio


The Dash Bio components each fall into one of three categories:

  • Custom chart types
  • Sequence analysis tools
  • 3D rendering tools

Custom chart types

  • Dash Circos
  • Dash Clustergram
  • Dash Manhattan Plot
  • Dash Needle Plot
  • Dash Volcano Plot

Sequence analysis tools

  • Dash Alignment Chart
  • Dash Onco Print
  • Dash Forna Container
  • Dash Sequence Viewer

Visualization tools

  • Dash Mol2D
  • Dash Mol3D
  • Dash Speck
  • Dash Ngl (experimental)


Learn more about Dash at https://plotly.com/products/dash/.

Consulting and OEM

For inquiries about Dash app development, advanced OEM integration, and more, please reach out.


If you would like to contribute to this repository, please refer to the contributing guidelines.