#+title: DataToolkitDocumenter.jl #+author: tecosaur

This is a tiny package that allows data sets to be documented in the same manner as functions/variables.


  • Recognised dataset parameters
  • =description=
  • =licence= / =license=
  • =creator=
  • =date=
  • =doi=
  • =webpage=
  • Usage

Add =DataToolkitDocumenter= along with =Documenter= when generating the documentation, and ensure that any data collection(s) you want to document are loaded.

In the documentation source files themselves, use =@datasets= in the same manner as =@docs= to document some data sets by their identifier, e.g.

#+begin_src md

[other identifiers...]


For documenting an entire data collection with ease, one can use =@autodatasets=. With no content it will document the first collection on the stack, but specific collections can be documented by setting a =Collections= value, like so:

#+begin_src md

Collections = [nothing, "foo", "bar", "ded0d04d-deda-4bd8-95cb-5b214a5e3ce6"]


The value of nothing is special, and refers to the top entry of the data collection stack. Other collections can be referenced by name or UUID.