add_noise(img; rng::AbstractRNG=default_rng(), fill_noise=rand(rng, Beta(3, 10))

add_noise adds noise to the image by randomly multiplying some pixel with a random value. The fill_noise parameter controls the probability of a pixel being affected by the noise.

    rng::AbstractRNG=GLOBAL_RNG, temperature::Integer=5, nostalgia::Bool=false, verbosity::Integer=0
) where {T<:Colorant}

Take an image and apply a series of random filters to it.

Keyword arguments

  • rng: the random number generator seed to pass to the filters.
  • temperature: (positive) number of layers of filters to apply.
  • nostalgia: when true, save the image after each transformation and display a mosaicview containing each step.
  • verbosity: control how much information is displayed
    • 0: No output.
    • 1: Print out which frying is used.
    • 2: Print also the timing of each frying and the total frying time.
fastfood(output::AbstractString, img::AbstractMatrix{<:Colorant}, nframes;
    rng::AbstractRNG, temperature::Int=3)

Build a gif in output from img by calling deepfry nframes times on img with the given temperature.

fry(img::AbstractMatrix{T}; rng::AbstractRNG) where {T<:Colorant}

Frying using a sequence of predetermined layers. Look at DeepFry.STD_FRYING for more details.

jpeg_compression(img; rng::AbstractRNG=default_rng(), quality::Integer=rand(rng, Poisson(15))

Compress and decompress the image using the JPEG algorithm. The quality parameter controls the compression level, with higher values resulting in higher quality images.

nuke(img::AbstractMatrix{T}; rng::AbstractRNG) where {T<:Colorant}

Wrapper around deepfry, forcing a temperature of 10.

set_brightness(img; rng::AbstractRNG=default_rng(), brightness=rand(rng) * 0.5)

set_brightness adds a random brightness to the image. The brightness parameter controls the amount of brightness added to the image.

set_contrast(img; rng::AbstractRNG=default_rng(), contrast=randexp(rng))

set_contrast adds a random contrast to the image. The contrast parameter controls the amount of contrast added to the image.

sharpen(img; rng::AbstractRNG=default_rng(), scale=rand(rng, Beta(1.0, 20.0))

sharpen sharpens the image by convolving it with a sharpening filter. The scale parameter controls the strength of the sharpening.