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The package is registered and can be added with
] add DifferentialDynamicProgramming
The latest version is formally compatible with Julia v1.1+ (but probably works well for julia v1.0 as well if you dev it).

Demo functions

The following demo functions are provided

demo_linear() To run the iLQG DDP algorithm on a simple linear problem
demoQP To solve a demo quadratic program
demo_pendcart() Where a pendulum attached to a cart is simulated.


Demo linear

See demo file demo_linear.jl for a usage example.

# make stable linear dynamics
h = .01         # time step
n = 10          # state dimension
m = 2           # control dimension
A = randn(n,n)
A = A-A'        # skew-symmetric = pure imaginary eigenvalues
A = exp(h*A)    # discrete time
B = h*randn(n,m)

# quadratic costs
Q    = h*eye(n)
R    = .1*h*eye(m)

# control limits
lims = [] #ones(m,1)*[-1 1]*.6

T    = 1000             # horizon
x0   = ones(n,1)        # initial state
u0   = .1*randn(m,T)    # initial controls

# optimization problem
N    = T+1
fx   = A
fu   = B
cxx  = Q
cxu  = zeros(size(B))
cuu  = R

# Specify dynamics functions
function lin_dyn_df(x,u,Q,R)
    u[isnan(u)] = 0
    cx  = Q*x
    cu  = R*u
    fxx=fxu=fuu = []
    return fx,fu,fxx,fxu,fuu,cx,cu,cxx,cxu,cuu
function lin_dyn_f(x,u,A,B)
    u[isnan(u)] = 0
    xnew = A*x + B*u
    return xnew

function lin_dyn_cost(x,u,Q)
    c = 0.5*sum(x.*(Q*x)) + 0.5*sum(u.*(R*u))
    return c

f(x,u,i)     = lin_dyn_f(x,u,A,B,Q,R)
costfun(x,u) = lin_dyn_cost(x,u,Q)
df(x,u)      = lin_dyn_df(x,u,Q,R)

# run the optimization

@time x, u, L, Vx, Vxx, cost, otrace = iLQG(f, costfun ,df, x0, u0, lims=lims);

Demo pendulum on cart

There is an additional demo function demo_pendcart(), where a pendulum attached to a cart is simulated. In this example, regular LQG control fails in stabilizing the pendulum at the upright position due to control limitations. The DDP-based optimization solves this by letting the pendulum fall, and increases the energy in the pendulum during the fall such that it will stay upright after one revolution.

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This code consists of a port and extensions of a MATLAB library provided by the autors of

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The code above was extended with KL-divergence constrained optimization for the thesis Bagge Carlson, F., "Machine Learning and System Identification for Estimation in Physical Systems" (PhD Thesis 2018).

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