fitcomplexfrequency(t, E, use_peaks=nothing)

Find the best fit to an exponential model for the given energy trace. That is, this function finds a fit of the form E ≈ E₀ * exp(iωt).

If use_peaks is provided, it serves as a range or vector of which peaks to use during the fitting process. If it is omitted, the function uses a heuristic to find the range of consecutive peaks which provides the most stable fit.

Return a pair (line, ω) where - line is a flat line that passes through the peaks used for the fit - ω is the complex frequency of the estimated exponential


findpuregrowthslope(t, E, timerange=nothing)

Estimate an exponential fit of the form E ≈ E₀ * exp(γt).

Return (line, γ), where - γ is the best fit to the exponential growth rate, - line is E₀ * exp.(γ .* t).