Bindings for the displaz lidar viewer for flexible three dimensional plotting of large point clouds, lines and meshes.


Check the installation instructions at displaz's repository. Then install Displaz.jl using the REPL Pkg mode:

(v1.0) pkg> add Displaz


To plot a point cloud of 10⁵ points, where every point position is a column in a matrix:

using Displaz


To plot a point cloud of 10⁶ points with random orange and red HSV colors:

using Displaz
using Colors

N = 1000_000
position = 10*randn(3,N)
color = [HSV(80*rand(), 0.8, 1) for i=1:N]
plot3d!(position, color=color, label="Example2")

To plot a set of 5 vertices, and line series between a subset of these vertices:

using Displaz
using Colors
using StaticArrays

# Clear plots

N = 5
# Random points
position = rand(SVector{3,Float64}, N)
# Plot points
plot3d!(position, color=[Gray{Float64}(i/N) for i=1:N], label="Example3 Points")
# Plot a pair of line series between vertices 1:2 and 3:5
plot3d!(position, color="r", linebreak=[1,3], markershape="-", label="Example3 Lines")
# mutate the color of the first two points (efficient for modifying a subset of points)
Displaz.mutate!("Example3 Points", 1:2; color = [Gray{Float64}(1.0)])