Color cycling

We will try to fake a subtle animation of the water in this public domain image:

using Images
using DitherPunk
using ColorQuantization
using IndirectArrays

img = load("../../assets/waterfall.png")

We use ColorQuantization's KMeansQuantization to obtain a color scheme:

ncolors = 16
cs = quantize(Lab, img, KMeansQuantization(ncolors))
cs = sort(cs; by=c -> -c.l)

The first three colors are white-ish and correspond to the water.

Let's look at the dithered result using color_error_multiplier=1.0 for a more visible dithering pattern:

d1 = dither(img, Bayer(; color_error_multiplier=1.0), cs)

We create two more frames by cycling the first three colors

d2 = IndirectArray(d1.index, cs[[3, 1, 2, 4:end...]])
d3 = IndirectArray(d1.index, cs[[2, 3, 1, 4:end...]]);

And finally create a gif out of the modified images:

ds = cat(d1, d2, d3; dims=3)
save("waterfall.gif", ds; fps=5)

The result should look like this:

We really nailed that Web 1.0 look!

To see how good color cycling can look when it is hand-drawn by a professional, take a look at Mark Ferrari's amazing work.

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