doctype(packagespec, registry)

Gets the doctype for package packagespec from the Registry.toml at registry. Returns a tuple of (doctype, uri), where doctype can be

  • vendored – Source code for the docs is located in the package directory. Default.
  • git-repo – Source code for the docs is located in the git-repo at uri.
  • hosted – Built docs are available at uri. We won't attempt to build/host them ourselves.

Takes in the path to a Documenter.jl-compatible make.jl file and

  1. Removes all calls to deploydocs.
  2. Records the custom build kwarg in the makedocs call.
  3. Makes sure that format is set to Documenter.HTML(...) in the makedocs call.

Return a tuple of new_make_expr, buildpath.

get_registry(basepath; registry=DOCS_REGISTRY, sync = true)

Clone the DocumentationGenerator registry into basepath. No download will occur if sync == false and the registry already exists.

Returns the path to the Registry.toml (or nothing if an error occured).

    command; log=stdout, timeout = 5*60, name = "",
    wait_time = 1, verbose = true

Runs command and pipes all output to log. The process will be terminated after timeout seconds without any output. name describes the process in log messages, and verbose determines whether meta-logs ("process started" etc.) will be printed.