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A plugin for Documenter.jl that enables linking between projects.

WARNING: This is a prototype. If you use this package pre-1.0, be prepared to having to adapt to breaking changes at any time.

Loading DocumenterInterLinks in docs/make.jl causes Documenter to produce an "inventory file" objects.inv in the output folder, which should get deployed together with the documentation. This file contains a mapping from names to URLs for all link targets in the documentation.

Other projects may use this inventory file to resolve @extref links, see External References.


As usual, the package can be installed via

] add DocumenterInterLinks

in the Julia REPL, or by adding

DocumenterInterLinks = "d12716ef-a0f6-4df4-a9f1-a5a34e75c656"

to the relevant Project.toml file.

Plugin Instantiation

In docs/make.jl, instantiate an InterLinks object:

using DocumenterInterLinks

links = InterLinks(
    "project1" => "https://project1.url/",
    "project2" => "https://project2.url/inventory.file",
    "project3" => (
        joinpath(@__DIR__, "src", "interlinks", "inventory.file")

See docs/make.jl for an example.

The resulting plugin object that must be passed as an element of the plugins keyword argument to Documenter.makedocs. This then enables @extref links in the project's documentation to be resolved.

See docs/src/inventories for some exemplary inventory files in TOML format.

External References

Instead of Documenter's @ref, the @extref link target can be used to resolve the link via any of the available projects defined in the InterLinks plugin:

* [`Documenter.makedocs`](@extref)
* [Documenter's `makedocs` function](@extref `Documenter.makedocs`)
* See the section about Documenter's [Writers](@extref Documenter).

See the documentation and recommended syntax for details.


Until Documenter issue #2366 is resolved and a version of Documenter is released and widely adopted that automatically writes inventory files, you may obtain inventory files for some projects at the Inventory File Repository (Wiki). Feel free to generate your own inventory files and contribute them.


The full documentation of this project is available online.