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DocumenterInventoryWritingBackport.jl is a backport the Documenter v1.3 feature of generating an objects.inv inventory file to Documenter v0.25v1.2.

See Inventor Generation for details.


As usual, the package can be installed via

] add DocumenterInventoryWritingBackport

in the Julia REPL, or by adding

DocumenterInventoryWritingBackport = "195adf08-069f-4855-af3e-8933a2cdae94"

to the relevant Project.toml file.



using DocumenterInventoryWritingBackport

to a project's docs/make.jl file, or in the REPL where you are building the project's documentation. Then, build the documentation as normal.

Simply loading DocumenterInventoryWritingBackport in this way should be sufficient to ensure that an objects.inv inventory file will be created when building the documentation.