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Dojo is a differentiable simulator for robotics, prioritizing accurate physics and useful gradients. The simulator is written in pure Julia in order to be both performant and easy to use.


  • Maximal-Coordinates Representation: Fast and efficient conversion between maximal and minimal representations
  • Smooth Gradients: Simulation with hard contact and useful gradients through contact events
  • Open Source: Code is available on GitHub and distributed under the MIT License
  • Python Interface: dojopy


Dojo can be installed using the Julia package manager for Julia v1.6 and higher. Inside the Julia REPL, type ] to enter the Pkg REPL mode then run

pkg> add Dojo


The following people are involved in the development of Dojo:

Primary Development

  • Simon Le Cleac'h (main development, contact modeling, interior-point solver, gradients)
  • Taylor Howell (main development, contact modeling, interior-point solver, gradients)
  • Jan Bruedigam (main development, maximal representation and graph-based solver)

Additional Contributions

Development by the Robotic Exploration Lab.

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Dojo.jl is licensed under the MIT License. For more details click here.