Solver Options

The solver has several options accessible via SolverOptions. Below is a list describing their effect on the solver's behavior, typical values, and if they need to be tuned by the user.

rtol$10^{-4}$$[10^{-6}, 10^{-2}]$larger leads to faster solve (usually takes the same value as btol)rarely
btol$10^{-4}$$[10^{-6}, 10^{-2}]$larger results in smoothed contact dynamics and faster solverarely
ls_scale$0.5$$[0.3, 0.8]$larger potentially increase step size at the cost of more residual evaluationsnever
max_ls$10$$[1, 25]$larger allows for taking smaller stepsnever
undercut$+\infty$$[2, +\infty]$larger is more robust but can generate stiffer gradientsrarely
no_progress_max$3$$[3, 5]$smaller will increase the undercut fasternever
no_progress_undercut$10$$[3, 100]$larger will increase the undercut fasternever
verbose$\text{false}$$\{\text{true}, \text{false}\}$printing the status of the solveroften