Special Functions

DoubleFloats supports some special functions of real values.

x below is any of Double64, Double32, Double16

Bessel Functions

  • besselj0(x), besselj1(x)`

    • besselj(0, x), besselj(1, x)
  • bessely0(x), bessely1(x)

    • bessely(0, x), bessely(1, x)
  • besselj(nu::Int, x)

    • Bessel function of the first kind
  • bessely(nu::Int, x)

    • Bessel function of the second kind

Gamma Functions

  • gamma(x)
    • gamma function
  • loggamma(x), lgamma(x)
    • log gamma function

Error Functions

  • erf(x)
    • error function
  • erfc(x)
    • complementary error function (1-erf(x))

Elliptic Integrals

  • elliptick(x)

    • Complete Elliptic Integral of the First Kind