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This is the 2d/3d rigid body dynamics solver using 6d spatial vector. Examples notebooks are given in notebook folder. User just need to change the configuration files for different cases, nothing else needed to be changed.

Code is written in Julia and Fortran on different branch.

  • branch master for Julia 1.1
  • branch v0.6 for Julia 0.6
  • branch v0.7 for Julia 0.7
  • branch Fortran/artic3d computes dynamics using articulated body method.
  • branch Fortran/HERK computes dynamics formulating into a half-explicit Runge Kutta method solver in Fortran.

For Julia 0.7 or higher versions, this package uses the local environment specified in Project.toml. User doesn't need to do any set up except for possible denpendency package required. For Julia 0.6 version, this package's local dir need to be set by user. Find Julia repo address by julia> Pkg.dir("Dyn3d") Then you can make a symlinking by shell$ sudo ln -s actual_address Julia_repo_address