Installation of EFTfitter.jl

EFTfitter.jl is written in the Julia programming language. To use it, you need to install Julia itself, the EFTfitter.jl and BAT.jl Julia packages as well as a few additional Julia packages.

Installing Julia

Julia is available for Linux, OS-X and Windows, and easy to install:

  • Download Julia.

  • Extract the archive, resp. run the installer.

  • You may want to add the Julia bin directory to your $PATH. To get the location of the Julia bin directory on OS-X or Windows, start a Julia session (via applications menu) and run the Julia command Sys.BINDIR.

Installing EFTfitter.jl

EFTfitter.jl is a registered Julia package. To install it, simply run:

julia> using Pkg
julia> pkg"add EFTfitter"

If you want to use the latest development version of BAT (main branch), instead of the latest stable release, use

julia> using Pkg
julia> pkg"add EFTfitter#main"

Installing dependencies: BAT.jl and further Julia packages

BAT.jl (v.2.0) is required for EFTfitter. To install it, run:

julia> using Pkg
julia> pkg"add BAT"

You will also need to install the following Julia packages to run the EFTfitter.jl examples:

julia> using Pkg
julia> pkg"add Distributions IntervalSets Plots ValueShapes StatsBase"

Further information

If you'd like to precompile all installed packages right aways (otherwise they'll get precompiled when loaded for the first time), run:

julia> pkg"precompile"

For further infortmation on how to set up Julia and BAT.jl see the installation guide of the BAT.jl documentation.