Extended Phase Graph simulation


EPGsim is a Julia packet for magnetic resonance imaging signal simulation based on the Extended Phase Graph (EPG) concept. The principal aspect of this package was to make it compatible with Automatic Differentiation using ForwardDiff.jl in order to compute Cramér-Rao Lower Bound metrics which is used to optimized sequence protocol.


EPGsim.jl is work in progress and in some parts not entirely optimized. The interface is susceptible to change between version

EPG concept

Introduction to the physics concepts behing EPG as well as their usage can be found on the rad229 youtube channels by Brian Hargreaves and Daniel Ennis :


This package is currently not registered.

Start julia and open the package mode by entering ]. Then enter

add https://github.com/aTrotier/EPGsim.jl

This will install EPGsim and all its dependencies. If you want to develop EPGsim itself you can checkout EPGsim by calling

dev https://github.com/aTrotier/EPGsim.jl

More information on how to develop a package can be found in the Julia documentation.


You can find an example about simulation of a Multi-Echo Spin-Echo sequence and its derivation here