Table of datasets currently in use by EcoSISTEM.jl

Preliminary list of parameters/datasets.

Name of parameter/ datasetDescriptionValueSourceOther info (e.g. stability)
p_sProbability of developing symptoms0.96 (From Thibaud's original model)
p_hProbability of hospitalisation0.2Guess
cfr_homeCase fatality ratio (at home)0.1Guess
cfr_hospitalCase fatality ratio (at hospital)0.1Guess
T_latLatent period5 days (From Thibaud's original model)
T_asymAsymptomatic period3 days (From Thibaud's original model)
T_symSymptomatic period5 days (From Thibaud's original model)
T_hospHospitalisation period5 days (From Thibaud's original model)
T_recRecovery period11 days (From Thibaud's original model)
mu_1Probability of becoming Asymptomatic1/T_lat
mu_2Probability of becoming Symptomaticps * 1/Tasym
hospitalisationProbability of becoming Hospitalisedph * 1/Tsym
sigma_1Probability of Recovery from Asymptomatic(1 - ps) * 1/Tasym
sigma_2Probability of Recovery from Symptomatic(1 - ph) * (1 - cfrhome) * 1/T_rec
sigma_hospitalProbability of Recovery from Hospital(1 - cfrhosp) * 1/Thosp
death_homeProbability of Death at homecfrhome * 2/Thosp
death_hospitalProbability of Death at hospitalcfrhosp * 1/Thosp
ScotlandDensity2011Scottish population density at 1km gridUK census 2011 - A Reeves 'Covid19-ScottishCensusData' repo
dispersal_distAverage dispersal distance of virus per disease category2.0km per infectious disease categoryGuessVaries depending on grid size
mean_prefMean temperature preference of virus298KGuessCurrently tuned to fit environment perfectly
var_prefTemperature niche width of virus0.1KGuessCurrently tuned to fit environment perfectly
birthProbability of giving birth per individual1.3e-4/day (20-40 year olds), 0 otherwiseGuess
deathProbability of giving natural mortality per individual2.7e-5/dayGuess
virusgrowthasympRate of generating virus per asymptomatic individual0.1/dayGuess
virusgrowthsympRate of generating virus per symptomatic individual0.1/dayGuess
beta_forceForce of infection10.0/dayGuess
beta_envEnvironmental transmission10.0/dayGuess