Manage editing of digital scholarly editions.

EditorsRepo.jl lets you work with files of editing work in progress in a local file system using more abstract structures such as "a corpus of citable texts" (CitableText.Corpus) or "a record associating texts, image and physical surface" (from the CitablePhysicalText module).

One important application built with EditorsRepo.jl is the Pluto notebook providing interactive validation and verification of work in progress. (You can find it in the notebooks directory of the template github repository here.)

Briefest possible example

Create an EditingRepository by giving the repository function the root directory of your editing repository.

repopath = joinpath(ghroot, "data", "splitdocs")
using EditorsRepo
repo = repository(repopath)
EditorsRepo.EditingRepository("/juliateam/.julia/packages/EditorsRepo/oux2v/docs/data/splitdocs/editions", "/juliateam/.julia/packages/EditorsRepo/oux2v/docs/data/splitdocs/dse", "/juliateam/.julia/packages/EditorsRepo/oux2v/docs/data/splitdocs/config")

Collect a corpus of normalized texts from the repository.

using CitableText, CitableCorpus