A fuller walkthrough


The examples in this walkthrough use sample data in the test/data directory of this package's github repository.

Define a repository

An EditingRepository works with three kinds of data: text editions, indexes of text passages to images and physical surfaces, and configuration data specifying how to transform the edition files into citable texts. The repository expects each type of data to be managed in a separate directory. By default, their names are editions, config and dse.

You can optionally provide non-default names for any of these three directories.

Text editions and configuration


The catalog file (default name: catalog.cex) is a CITE text catalog. Its entries represent logical units.

The citation file (default name: citation.cex) is a delimited text file with entries representing physical files. It is possible to have a single logical text edited in multiple physical files.


Internally, EditorsRepo uses these functions to read the configuration of your text documents:

  • fileswithin. List all files that are contained by a given URN.
  • filescontaining. List all files that contain a given URN

The following functions use "contained by" logic.

  • o2converter
  • diplomaticbuilder
  • normalizedbuilder
  • orthography

DSE records