Code Style: Blue

The code to generate logos for the JuliaLang Eindhoven meetup organization.

Inspired by julia-logo-graphics. Based on Luxor.jl. The Julia logo is shared under the Creative Commons "BY-NC-SA" 4.0 License, so we follow that license here.

The Eindhoven vibes are property of the Eindhoven municipality, but we are allowed to use it in any form except the official red style. Please never generate the vibes in the red style!

Example usage

using EindhovenLogo

save_logo("images/eindhoven.png"; scale=4.5)
save_logo("images/eindhoven.svg"; scale=4.5)
save_logo("images/eindhoven-white.png"; scale=4.5, textcolor="white")

save_vibes("images/vibes.png"; scale=4.5)
save_vibes("images/vibes.svg"; scale=4.5)



Non-mac users may need to download the Banga MN font which is the Julia logo font.

Technical details

I obtained the grid for the official Eindhoven vibes logo, which I used to estimate the logo dimensions: