This is a Julia package on electrical engineering based on Unitful and PyPlot. The package ElectricalEngineering.jl is tested with Julia 1.1.0. To install the package, start Julia and hit ] to switch to the package manager.

add PyPlot Unitful ElectricalEngineering

In order to update to the actual version of GitHub in the package manager, hit ] and apply:

update ElectricalEngineering

To switch back to the Julia REPL and to start working hit Backspace.

The module ElectricalEngineering.jl has to be loaded by using ElectricalEngineering. In order to use all the features of ElectricalEngineering.jl, modules Unitful and PyPlot have to be loaded as well. It is thus recommended to appy:

using Unitful, Unitful.DefaultSymbols, PyPlot, ElectricalEngineering



  • Function pol to generate a complex quantity based on the length and the angle (polar representation)
julia> U1 = pol(2V, pi)
-2 + 0im V
julia> U2 = pol(sqrt(2) * 1V, 45°)
1 + 1im V
  • Constant j representing the imaginary unit equivalent to 1im
  • Function phasor
    • Plot publication ready phasor diagrams
    • LaTeX labeling with absolute or relative rotation of text

Phasor diagram Circuit diagram

  • Function phasorsine
    • Plot phasor in the left subplot of a figure
    • Plot sine wave corresponding to the phasor in the right subplot Phasor and sine wave
  • Function angulardimension
    • Draw arc to indicate angle between phasors
    • Chose between different arrow shapes
    • Create dimension of phasor
  • Function phasordimension
    • Create auxiliary lines and parallel shifted dimensions Length dimension

Circuits and Physics

  • Function
    • Calculate parallel connections of impedances
    • Calculate parallel impedance with or without units
julia> 4Ω6Ω
2.4000000000000004 Ω
julia> 4Ω(j*4Ω)
2.0 + 2.0im Ω

Inputs and Outputs

  • Function printuln
    • Print complex variables (including) units in rectangular and polar form
    • Limit output to six significant digits
    • Convert printed quantity optionally into a target unit
    • Works with scalars and vectors of real or complex quantities
julia> U1 = 300V + j*400V
julia> printuln("U1", U1, kV)
              U1 = 0.3 kV + j 0.4 kV
                 = 0.5 kV  53.1301°
julia> printuln("real(U1)", real(U1),kV)
        real(U1) = 0.3 kV
julia> printuln("U1", U1, V, label="(a)")
(a)           U1 = 300 V + j 400 V
                 = 500 V  53.1301°
  • Function save3fig

    • Save one figure in the three file formats png, eps and pdf
    • Optionally crop figures


  • Assign two different color schemes (may be loaded alternatively)

  • Additional light background color colorBlack5

  • Different line and marker types

    • lineStyle1, lineStyle2, lineStyle3, lineStyle4
    • lineWidth1, lineWidth2, lineWidth3, lineWidth4,
    • marker1, marker2 ,marker3, marker4
    • markerSize1, markerSize2 ,markerSize3 ,markerSize4
    • legendFontSize
    • Type ?ElectricalEngineering.Gray or ?ElectricalEngineering.Tab20bc to see application examples
  • Assign color schemes to quantities, using either using ElectricalEngineering.Gray of gray scale graphics or using ElectricalEngineering.Tab20bc

  • Function removeaxes

    • Removes the axes of the active plot
  • Function arrowaxes

    • Plot graphs with arrowed axes
    • Add plot labels Curves
  • Function lengthdimension

    • Create length dimension with arrows
    • Create auxiliary lines and parallel shifted dimensions Length dimension

Other Packages related with Electrical Engineering

  • ESeriesRounding.jl provides functions to round given values to the nearest standardized value for circuit components, namely the E-series.
  • Modia.jl is a package for modeling and simulation of multidomain engineering systems described by differential equations, algebraic equations, and (space-discretized) partial differential equations.