EnhancedConsoleLogger(stream::IO==stderr; kwargs...)

Replacement for the standard library ConsoleLogger that adds several usability improvements.

Additional keyword arguments

The EnhancedConsoleLogger supports all of the standard keyword arguments accepted by ConsoleLogger. In addition, special behavior is defined for the following arguments:

  • _pid: prints in a column on the top right side of a log message. This keyword is used internally by WorkerLogger to display the originating process for a log message.
  • _overwrite: If true, then repetitions of the log message will be printed over to avoid filling the screen with log messages.
  • progress: For a progress between 0 and 1, draw a progress bar on the right side of the log message.
  • _showlocation: If true, print the location of the log message. Defaults to true for Debug, Warning, and Error logs, and to false for Info logs.

Sends all log records to the global logger on the master process. An additional keyword argument, _pid=myid() is also passed.

progress_string(progress, width)

Returns a string with a completion percentage and a progress bar. Uses Unicode characters to render sub-character progress increments.