The Enzyme High-Performance Automatic Differentiator of LLVM

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This is a package containing the Julia bindings for Enzyme. This is very much a work in progress and bug reports/discussion is greatly appreciated!

Enzyme is a plugin that performs automatic differentiation (AD) of statically analyzable LLVM. It is highly-efficient and its ability perform AD on optimized code allows Enzyme to meet or exceed the performance of state-of-the-art AD tools.

Enzyme.jl can be installed in the usual way Julia packages are installed

] add Enzyme

Enzyme.jl can be used by calling autodiff on a function to be differentiated as shown below:

using Enzyme, Test

f1(x) = x*x
# Returns a tuple of active returns, which in this case is simply (2.0,)
@test first(autodiff(Reverse, f1, Active(1.0))[1])  2.0

For details, see the package documentation.

More information on installing and using Enzyme directly (not through Julia) can be found on our website:

To get involved or if you have questions, please join our mailing list.

If using this code in an academic setting, please cite the following two papers (first for Enzyme as a whole, then for GPU+optimizations):

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