LocalEquiBaryInterp(x::AbstractVector, y::AbstractVector, [degree=8])
LocalEquiBaryInterp(x::Vector, y::Vector, w::Vector, h⁻¹)

Construct a local barycentric Lagrange interpolant that forms a degree degree local polynomial approximation of the data y on the equispace grid x, which must be identical to a sorted range with step size h. w are the equispace interpolation weights (see equi_bary_weights). The restrictions on x are that it be a real vector with entries identical to a range and that it be sorted. y can contain any type supporting addition and scalar multiplication.

Returns an interpolant f that can be evaluated at points within extrema(x) using a function syntax f(x).

bary_kernel(x, xs, ys, ws)

Computes the value of the barycentric Lagrange polynomial interpolant with nodes xs, values ys, and weights ws at point x.


Assert that x is numerically identical to an equispace range, and return an equivalent range object.