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Package make support for general experiment outputs. The experiment result is stored as row in CSV table. The cols may be different in every experiment. There are functions prepared for 3D computer vision experiment support.

The package is inspired by python exsu.


Save image segmentation experiment outputs

using ExSup
segmentation = zeros(Int, 3,3)
segmentation[1,2:3] .= 1

data = Dict()
data["length"] = 1.2
ExSup.segmentation_description_to_dict!(data, segmentation)
ExSup.add_to_csv(data, "output.csv")

In experiment data is stored date and time and segmentation description.

Dict{Any,Any} with 7 entries:
  "length"                => 1.2
  "datetime"              => "2019-11-17 21:49:28"
  "data_voxel_number"     => 9
  "data_non_zeros_number" => 2
  "data_size_1"           => 3
  "data_size_2"           => 3
  "data_zeros_number"     => 7

Save experiments with different rows

fn3 = "test3.csv"
ExSup.add_to_csv((:one=>1, :two=>2), fn3)
ExSup.add_to_csv((:three=>3, :two=>2), fn3)