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Julia package for the exact diagonalization method in condensed matter physics.


Based on the symbolic operator representation of a quantum lattice system in condensed matter physics that is generated by the package QuantumLattices, exact diagonalization method is implemented for fermionic, hard-core-bosonic and spin systems.


In Julia v1.8+, please type ] in the REPL to use the package mode, then type this command:

pkg> add ExactDiagonalization

Getting Started

Examples of exact diagonalization method for quantum lattice system


Due to the fast development of this package, releases with different minor version numbers are not guaranteed to be compatible with previous ones before the release of v1.0.0. Comments are welcomed in the issues.



Python counterpart

HamiltonianPy: in fact, the authors of this Julia package worked on the python package at first and only turned to Julia later.