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This package also could be called "DocumenterAndTestExampleHandler.jl". It helps to maintain comprehensive complete (i.e. ready to download and run) code examples in Documenter.jl documentation.

Code examples could be in plain Julia scripts, Julia scripts containing modules or pluto notebooks and serve three purposes:

Maintaining a list of examples leads to considerable boilerplate ("example juggling" - that is why the name ...) in test/runtest.jl and docs/make.jl. This package helps to hide this boilerplate behind its API.

Breaking changes

  • v2.0.0: Moved all direct and indirect dependencies on Pluto into extensions. Correspondingly, one needs to explicitely import Pluto, PlutoStaticHTML or PlutoSliderServer. They are not anymore direct dependencies of ExampleJuggler.

CI Tests

With this package, test/runtests.jl can look as follows(please see test/runtests.jl of this package for a more comprehensive setting):

using Test
using ExampleJuggler
import Pluto


example_dir = joinpath(@__DIR__, "..", "examples")

modules = ["ExampleModule.jl"]
notebooks = ["PlutoTemplate.jl", "ExamplePluto.jl"]
scripts = ["testscript.jl", "PlutoTemplate.jl", "ExamplePluto.jl"]

# This needs `import Pluto`
@testset "pluto notebooks" begin
    @testplutonotebooks(example_dir, notebooks)

@testset "module examples" begin
    @testmodules(example_dir, modules, a=2)

# This tests Pluto notebooks as scripts and doesn't need Pluto
@testset "scripts + notebooks" begin
    @testscripts(example_dir, scripts)

Documenter build

With this package, docs/make.jl can look as follows (please see docs/make.jl of this package for a more comprehensive setting):

using Documenter, ExampleJuggler, CairoMakie
import PlutoStaticHTML

DocMeta.setdocmeta!(ExampleJuggler, :DocTestSetup, :(using ExampleJuggler); recursive = true)

example_dir = joinpath(@__DIR__, "..", "examples")

modules = ["ExampleModule.jl"]
notebooks = ["PlutoTemplate.jl"
                 "Example with Graphics" => "ExamplePluto.jl"]


module_examples = @docmodules(example_dir, example_modules, Plotter=CairoMakie)

# This needs to load PlutoStaticHTML
html_examples = @docplutonotebooks(example_dir, notebooks)

makedocs(; sitename = "ExampleJuggler.jl",
           modules = [ExampleJuggler],
           format = Documenter.HTML(; size_threshold_ignore = last.(html_examples),
                                      mathengine = MathJax3()),
             authors = "J. Fuhrmann",
             repo = "",
             pages = [
                 "Modules" => module_examples,
                 "Notebooks" => html_examples,


deploydocs(; repo = "", devbranch = "main")


In particular, graphics generation for module and script examples is supported.