As many experiments may require a data of data to be preloaded for each trial, Experiment.jl provides a data store that can be initialised once on each worker to reduce the amount of time required for loading the same data.

This store is intended as a read-only store that is reused upon execution of each of the trials.


To start, you must create a function which creates the data to be stored, similar to the functions that runs the trial. As en example:

# Goes inside the same file as your experiment run file (i.e. the file that get's included).
function create_global_store(config)
    # config is the global configuration given to the experiment
    data = Dict{Symbol, Any}(
        :dataset => rand(1000),
        :flag => false,
        # etc...
    return data

The variable config will be the configuration provided to the Experiment struct created for your experiment. Importantly, this function will return a Dict{Symbol, Any}.

The name of this function can be anything, but you need to supply it to the experiment when it is being created, i.e.

experiment = Experiment(
    name="Test Experiment",

Inside your run_trial function, you can access the global store using get_global_store

using Experimenter # exports get_global_store
function run_trial(config, trial_id)
    store = get_global_store()
    dataset = store[:dataset]
    # gather your results
    return results