A Dict type with expiring values and a @cacheable macro to cache function results in an expiring cache


The package is registered in the General registry and so can be installed at the REPL with ] add ExpiringCaches.



ExpiringCaches.Cache{K, V}(timeout::Dates.Period; purge_on_timeout::Bool=false)

Create a thread-safe, expiring cache where values older than timeout are "invalid" and will be deleted.

An ExpiringCaches.Cache is an AbstractDict and tries to emulate a regular Dict in all respects. It is most useful when the cost of retrieving or calculating a value is expensive and is able to be "cached" for a certain amount of time. To avoid using the cache (i.e. to invalidate the cache), a Cache supports the delete! and empty! methods to remove values manually.


@cacheable timeout function_definition::ReturnType

For a function definition (function_definition, either short-form or full), create an ExpiringCaches.Cache and store results for timeout (hashed by the exact input arguments obviously).

Note that the function definition MUST include the ReturnType declartion as this is used as the value (V) type in the Cache.