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This package provides basic finite element structures to setup finite element schemes on ExtendableGrids. For a full high-level API see ExtendableFEM.jl.

This low level structures in the package incorporate:

  • Finite element types (Basis functions on reference geometries and dof management for several H1, Hdiv and Hcurl elements)
  • FESpace (Discrete finite element space with respect to a mesh from ExtendableGrids, knows the Dofmaps)
  • FEMatrix (block overlay for an ExtendableSparse matrix, where each block corresponds to a coupling between two FESpaces in a system)
  • FEVector (block overlay for an array, where each block corresponds to a FESpace)
  • FunctionOperators (primitive linear operators like Identity, Gradient, Divergence) and rules how to evaluate them for for different finite element types
  • FEEvaluator (finite element basis evaluators for different FunctionOperators and entities of the grid)
  • QuadratureRule (basic quadrature rules for different ElementGeometries from ExtendableGrids)
  • interpolations (standard interpolations into the provided finite element spaces, averaging routines and interpolations between meshes/FESpaces)
  • reconstruction operators (special FunctionOperators that involve an interpolation into a different finite element type)