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A simple wrapper for FLANN, Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors. It has an interface similar to the NearestNeighbors package API.


Prerequisites: gcc and cmake for building binary dependency.

Use the package manager to install:

pkg> add FLANN

Usage Example

using Distances
using FLANN

X = readdlm(Pkg.dir("FLANN", "test", "iris.csv"), ',')
v = X[:, 84]
k = 3
r = 10.0

idxs, dsts = knn(X, v, k, FLANNParameters())

# or

t = flann(X, FLANNParameters(), Minkowski(3))
inds, dists = knn(t, v, k)

# or

idxs, dsts = inrange(t, v, r)

# Do not forget to close index!


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