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What is FMIBase.jl?

FMIBase.jl provides the foundation for the Julia packages FMIImport.jl and FMIExport.jl.

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How can I use FMIBase.jl?

Please note: FMIBase.jl is not meant to be used as it is, but as part of FMI.jl, FMIImport.jl, FMIExport.jl and FMIFlux.jl. However you can install FMIBase.jl by following these steps.

1. Open a Julia-REPL, switch to package mode using ], activate your preferred environment.

2. Install FMIBase.jl:

(@v1) pkg> add FMIBase

3. If you want to check that everything works correctly, you can run the tests bundled with FMIBase.jl:

(@v1) pkg> test FMIBase

What FMI.jl-Library should I use?

FMI.jl Family To keep dependencies nice and clean, the original package FMI.jl had been split into new packages:

  • FMI.jl: High level loading, manipulating, saving or building entire FMUs from scratch
  • FMIImport.jl: Importing FMUs into Julia
  • FMIExport.jl: Exporting stand-alone FMUs from Julia Code
  • FMIBase.jl: Common concepts for import and export of FMUs
  • FMICore.jl: C-code wrapper for the FMI-standard
  • FMISensitivity.jl: Static and dynamic sensitivities over FMUs
  • FMIBuild.jl: Compiler/Compilation dependencies for FMIExport.jl
  • FMIFlux.jl: Machine Learning with FMUs
  • FMIZoo.jl: A collection of testing and example FMUs

What Platforms are supported?

FMIBase.jl is tested (and testing) under Julia Versions v1.6 LTS and v1 latest on Windows latest (x64 and x86) and Ubuntu latest (x64). MacOS is not CI-tested but should work with Mac-FMUs.